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CRR faculty and students develop risk-based path planning for UAV operations

Medical device reliability and healthcare system risk management are emerging fields of research at CRR.

Systems approach to structural reliability and critical infrastructure is an active area of research at CRR.

Over the past 20 years research on safety and risk improving Systems approach to structural reliability and critical infrastructure is an active area of research at CRR.

Automotive reliability is an important focus of reliability engineering.

System-level predictive physics of failure models for structural integrity of military aircraft has been a area of strength at CRR for over a decade.

CRR researchers have developed the most compressive catalog of probabilistic physics of failure models for micro electronic devices.

Under NASA and FAA sponsorship CRR has developed advanced methods and software for risk analysis of space missions and civil aviation.

A focus of CRR is the reliability of semiconductor electronic devices and nano-electronics.

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The Center for Risk and Reliability (CRR) is the umbrella organization for many of the risk and reliability research and development activities at the University of Maryland Clark School of Engineering. Over 20 faculty from various engineering departments of Clark School of Engineering conduct all or part of their research as under CRR umbrella and as directors or co-directors of the center’s numerous research laboratories. CRR is the research arm of the Reliability Engineering educational program, the largest and most comprehensive degree granting graduate program in the field of reliability and risk analysis of engineered systems and processes, offering MS, PhD, and Graduate Certificate in Reliability Engineering and Risk Analysis.


ENRE students win Best Paper Awards at multiple conferences

MS Candidate Sara Lyons and Ph.D. Candidate Paul Nation take home top awards for papers.

Excellent attendance at cross-departmental R3 Data Workshop

Harnessing Data for Enhanced Understanding of Risk, Reliability, and Resilience Workshop draws an exciting crowd.

UMD workshop examines risks related to new transportation technology

Key concerns include vehice safety, software reliabillity, and cybersecurity.


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