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Message from the Director

Center for Risk and Reliability (CRR) has been a major research and education resource since the mid-1980’s and assumed a new mission in 2003 by combining two very successful centers. This Center is an umbrella organization within the A.J. Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland, College Park, which provides expertise and cutting edge research on methods and tools to perform risk and reliability assessment of structures, complex systems and processes for space, military and civil aviation, nuclear energy, and petroleum industries. More recently CRR has provided leadership in new frontiers that include Healthcare Systems Risk Management and Medical Device Reliability, Prognostics and Health Management of Complex Systems and Structure, and Resilience Engineering. Several governmental and private organizations continue funding CRR’s research. The mix of research sponsors remains at a roughly 50/50 split between industry and government agencies, with reliability engineering research being funded mostly by the industrial sponsors while risk and safety research studies sponsored by the Federal and State government agencies. 

We at the CRR take extreme pride at offering the Reliability Engineering Graduate Program which continues to attract highly talented graduate students and a steady stream of visiting scholars from US and international universities, research centers, government agencies and companies. The educational program of the CRR has provided a large number of tremendously successful alumni that have been making major contributions to the field of risk and reliability in the past 25 years.

Reliability Engineering: A Brief Overview