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Probabilistic Physics of Failure and Fracture Mechanics Laboratory


  • Prof. Mohammad Modarres

Current Research Topics

MTS Uniaxial Fatigue Testing Machines

  • Two-post and Four-post machines rating at ±100kN in tension or compression under static and cyclic conditions.
  • Fatigue Life Assessment Based on Energy Release
  • Fatigue Crack Initiation Based on Entropy Generation

Optical Microscopy for Short Fatigue Crack

  • 25 to 10X Microscope with C‐mount adaptor for the video port. Magnification of 25X to 100X can be increased to as high as 200X. Simultaneous visual and video viewing.
  • Short crack detection in fatigue
  • Visualization of crack growth

Lab Equipment

Lab Equipment

Acoustic Emission Technique for Crack Initiation and Growth

  • Sensors and amplifiers to collect and amplify the signals, a data acquisition module to perform front-end filtration and record the signals, and a software module to visualize the data and to perform the required analysis such as feature extraction and source location.
  • Assessment of crack initiation
  • Large crack growth modeling
  • Information entropy analysis of AE signals for crack initiation

Lab Equip.

Heating Chamber for Creep Testing

  • Exposure of specimen under controlled heat up to 700oC
  • Probabilistic modeling of creep
  • Fatigue-creep testing capability

Lab Equip


Corrosive Medium Chamber

  • Probabilistic corrosion-Fatigue model development in piping
  • Probabilistic pitting corrosion in pipes
  • Probabilistic stress corrosion in piping

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