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Short Courses & Training

CRR offers continuing education classes on a varitey of reliability and risk subjects. Such courses are normally tailored to the needs of specific community or sponsor of the course in terms of content, length, and mode of delivery. Below are some short courses CRR offers:

Selected Training Seminars and Short Courses

  • Advanced Methods for Reliability Data Collection and Analysis, Petrobras, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Sept 2012
  • Advanced Probabilistic Risk Assessment Methods, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Aug 2009
  • Advanced Methods for Systems Reliability, Korean Railroad Research Institute, and Korean Aerospace University, Sept 2009
  • Probabilistic Risk Assessment Training, NASA, Dec 2000, April 2001, July 2002, July 2003, Oct 2005, Oct 2006, June 2008, Oct 2009
  • Dynamic PRA Methods, China National Defense University, China, Oct 2008
  • Advanced Methods for Reliability, US Air Force, July 2007, US Navy, August 2007
  • Dynamic PRA Methods, NASA Ames Research Center, July 2002
  • Data Analysis for Risk Applications, NASA Johnson Space Center, April 2002
  • Elicitation and Use of Expert Opinion in Risk Analysis, NASA Johnson Space Center, May 2002
  • Stochastic Processes for Risk Applications, NASA Johnson Space Center, June, 2002
  • Methods of Elicitation and Use of Expert Opinion, USDA February 2002
  • Bayesian Reliability, Motorola, March 2000
  • Advanced Methods for Systems Reliability, Motorola, January and June, 1999   
  • Advanced Reliability Methods, U.S. Navy, October 1997
  • Methods for Safety Analysis of Nuclear Facilities, International Atomic Energy Agency Short Course, Madrid, Spain, April 1993
  • Methods for the Analysis of Common Cause Failures, National Technological University, August 1992
  • Dynamic PRA and Human Reliability, Institute for Nuclear Energy Research, Taiwan, August 1991
  • Quality PSA: What a PSA Review Should Look For, International Atomic Energy Agency Course on PRA, Vienna, Aug 1990
  • PRA Techniques, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, Dec. 1989.
  • Data Analysis and Common Cause Failure Modeling, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, July 1989