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Christou, Aris

Christou, Aris
Mechanical Engineering
2309A Chemical and Nuclear Engineering

Research Interests 

  • Materials processing and manufacture technology
  • Strained engineered materials for optoelectronics
  • Physics-of-failure in electronic materials
  • Opto-electronic monolithically integrated optoelectronics
  • Analog mm-wave integrated circuits
  • Molecular nanoelectronics devices using 1D and 2D Structures
  • Tribology of ceramics and surface lubricants
  • Finite element methods applied to metal alloys
  • Metal-nonmetal composites and electronic packaging
  • Phase transformations and defects in metastable structures.


  • Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, 1971

Honors and Awards 

  • Fellow of the IEEE
  • IEEE National Lecturer in Optoelectronic Devices and Materials Reliability Physics (2000)
  • University of Maryland Invention of the Year Award in the Physical Sciences (1999)
  • IEEE National Lecturer in Electron Devices (1999)
  • Navy (NRL) Patent Award for Electron Device Inventions (1991)
  • The Naval Research Laboratory Outstanding Performance Award (1989, 1990)
  • 1985 Fulbright Scholar Award
  • 1976 & 1977 Alan Berman Publication Award
  • 16 US Patents

Professional Memberships 

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (Fellow)
  • American Physical Society (Fellow)
  • Materials Research Society (MRS)
  • Society of Photonic and Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE)
  • University Materials Council (member since 1993)
  • The Nuclear Engineering Department Heads Organization (NEDHO) (member since 1993)
  • Board of Trustees of Federation of Materials Societies
  • Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Device and Materials Reliability
  • IEEE Transactions on Electronic Devices; Editorial Board, Reliability and Quality International, John Wiley Publisher
  • Editorial Board Member and Technical Committee Member of GaAs Applications Conference, IEEE
  • Chair of MRS Symposium on Molecular and Nanomolecular Electronics (April 2001)
  • Member of a number of NSF Review Panels

Selected Publications 

  1. W. Martin and A. Christou, “Life-Stress Relationships for Thin Film Transistor Gate Interconnects on Flexible Substrates,” IRPS, IEEE-EDS, CFP9RPS-CDR, pp 117-121 (2010).
  2. Y. Lin, M. Krishnan, S. Salemi, and A.. Christou, “Strain Induced Buffer Layer Defects i n GaN HFETs and Their Evolution During Reliability Testing,” IRPS, IEEE-EDS, CFP9RPS-CDR, pp. 718-722 (2010).
  3. S. Salemi and A. Christou, “Charge Control Analysis of Gallium Nitride Semiconductor Heterostructures,” IWN-2008, Vol II, pp. 176-181 (2008).
  4. A. Christou, “Monte Carlo Reliability Model for Microwave Monolithic Integrated Circuits,” Qual. and Reliability Int, Vol. QRE-896, pp 1-15 (2007).
  5. Seokjin Kim, Kwangsik Choi, Martin Peckerar, and *Aris Christou,  “Line-spike induced failure mechanism in integrated circuit bond-wires,”  Proceedings of 2008 IRPS, IEEE-EDS, Vol CFP8RPS, pp.356-360 (2008).
  6. S. Yang, A.Christou, “Failure Model for Silver Electromigration” IEEE Trans  Materials, Device Reliability, Vol2,  Feb 2007.
  7. S. Yang, J.Wu, A. Christou, “Initial Stages of Silver Electrochemical Migration Degradation,” Microelectronics Reliability vol.46 (2006) 1915-1921.
  8. C.C. Zhang, Aris Christou, “Reliability of Leadless Interconnects in GaAs ASICS”, J. of RIAC, 2006, No.2, 20-26.
  9. M. Linnick, Chichang Zhang and A. Christou, “Dielectric Constants for AlGaInAs Quartenary Semiconductor Alloys Grown by MBE for VCSEL Bragg  Mirror Applications”, in The Physics and Challenges for Integrated Optics Symposium, MS&T 2005, pp. 23-31.
  10. Mohamad Al-Sheikhley, D. Sweet, Lourdes Salamanca-Riba, B. Varughese, J. Silverman, Aris Christou and William Bentley, “Radiation-Induced Failure  Mechanisms of GaAs –Based Biochips,” IEEE Trans on Device and materials Reliability, vol. 4, No. 2 (192-197), June 2004.
  11. C. Zhang, P.Yalamanchili, M. Al-Sheikhley and A. Christou, “Metal migration in epoxy encapsulated ECL devices”, Microelectronics Reliability 44 (2004) 1323-1330.