Selected Publications


CRR faculty have published books on a variety of subjects related to reliability engineering, including probabilistic physics-of-failure, decision making and risk management, and probability statistics.

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Journal Articles

CRR faculty and students have published hundreds of articles in various journals regarding reliability engineering. Click to see what journals our faculty and students are publishing in.

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Conference Proceedings

CRR faculty have acted as editors for conference proceedings. Conferences include: the International Workshop on Functional Modeling of Complex Technical Systems and the Workshop on Risk Analysis for Autonomous Vehicles: Issues and Future Directions.

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Conference Papers

CRR faculty and students have presented hundreds of papers at various conferences throughout the Center's history. Click to see the research our faculty and students are presenting.

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Research Reports

CRR faculty have published research reports for government and national laboratory partners, such as the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. 

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Computational Scripts

Click here to view computational scripts in MATLAB and R for example problems from Probabilistic Physics of Failure Approach to Reliability: Modeling, Accelerated Testing, Prognosis and Reliability Assessment by Mohammad Modarres, Mehdi Amiri, and Christopher Jackson.

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