Meet Chris, who is heavily invested in learning how to make whiskey and Bourbon!

Student Spotlight

Name: Christopher Worsley

Year in program: 1st

Advisor: Dr. Mohammad Modarres

Research Interests: Effective sustainment analysis for complex systems.

Dissertation topic (if applicable): N/A

What drew you to engineering?

A desire to solve problems and a persistent need to learn how things function from a young age.

What made you choose UMD and the ENRE Program?

I was previously a Project Manager within the Australian Army and realized that the reliability of military systems was substantially more complex than the typically reported MTBF/MTTF figure. I wanted to understand the field of reliability engineering to positively shape future military acquisitions to better equip our warfighters and optimize existing platforms' sustainment.

What do you want people to know about reliability engineering that they may not know?

Reliability engineering, Systems engineering, and Project Management all focus on the same object but through a different lens. While Project Managers and Systems Engineers will always be present at the beginning of a project, the presence of a Reliability Engineer from the onset will have a dramatic impact on the project's sustainability costs.

A fun fact about you? Not related to engineering!

I'm heavily invested in learning about the different ways to make whiskey and have enjoyed learning about Bourbon while in the United States.