Systems Risk and Reliability Analysis (SyRRA) Lab

The Systems Risk and Reliability Analysis (SyRRA) Lab, directed by Dr. Katrina M. Groth, conducts research to address emerging safety, reliability and security issues for engineered systems, with primary applications in energy and transportation. Our multi-disciplinary research involves integrating information, data, statistics, and models from multiple domains to understand the causes of risk and failure of systems.

Katrina Groth

Associate Professor
301-405-5215 |

The SyRRA lab conducts innovative research in risk and reliability modeling and simulation methods for analysis of complex engineering systems. Researchers in the lab combines advanced computational techniques, diverse types of data and information, with system-level thinking. We use Bayesian methods, machine learning, and causal models to fuse sparse data, big data, and qualitative information from multiple sources into models that support decisions and prediction under uncertainty. Our research contributes to the fields of safety, risk and reliability from both a mathematical perspective and from an applied perspective, with direct impact on systems ranging from hydrogen gas stations and infrastructure to nuclear power plants, natural gas transportation, pipelines, aviation, and more.

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