CRR Announces Scholarship Recipients

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From left: Austin Lewis, Weiping Diao, Foad Karimian, Camila Correa Jullian, and Joy Shen

The Center for Risk and Reliability is pleased to announce the recipients of this year's Center for Risk and Reliability Scholarships.

Rockwell Collins Fellowship: Austin Lewis

The Rockwell Collins Fellowship is awarded annually to one graduate students who has demonstrated interest in the field of reliability engineering through scholastic achievement, research contributions, publications, or extra-curricular activities with demonstrated contributions to the field. 

The Rockwell Collins Fellowship is funded by the Rockwell Collins Company due to their interest in Reliability Engineering. 

C. Raymond Knight Fellowship: Weiping Diao and Foad Karimian

The C. Raymond Knight Fellowship is awarded annually to graduate students studying reliability engineering on the basis of merit, publications, GPA, and similar factors.

The C. Raymond Knight Fellowship is an endowment formed by the former president of the ARINC, Inc., Mr. C. Raymond Knight and was extended further by his heir, following Mr. Knight's passing. 

Ms. Willie M. Webb Scholarship: Camila Correa Jullian and Joy Shen

The Ms. Willie M. Webb Scholarship is awarded annually to women or minorities pursuing Reliability Engineering degrees at the University of Maryland, based on merit, future promise, and contributions to the field.

The award was originally formed for the late Ms. Willie M. Webb, who was a Reliability Engineering graduate student in the early 1990s and later a technical support staff to Professors M. Modarres and A. Mosleh until her passing in 2006.


Published June 16, 2020