Dr. Steven Arndt Seminar

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Recently, Dr. Steven Arndt, the Immediate Past President of American Nuclear Society and UMD Reliability Engineering Alum (2011), joined us as the first speaker for the Center for Risk and Reliability Spring seminar series on Friday February 9th, 2024. Dr. Arndt is an internationally recognized expert in the field of nuclear engineering with experience in nuclear power plant simulation, severe accident analysis and nuclear power plant instrumentation and control. In his 40 years in the nuclear industry Dr. Arndt has worked as a researcher, educator, consultant, and regulator including extensive experience in Russia and Ukraine leading the United States support programs to the states of the former Soviet Union following the Chernobyl accident and as part of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC’s) response to the Fukushima accident. At the seminar Dr. Ardnt discussed the opportunities presented by the new reactor designs that cut across technologies, sizes, and target applications. He talked about important challenges for the industry, including developing the nuclear workforce of the future and enhancing the role of risk assessment in regulation. He also highlighted the important role that nuclear plays as zero emission technologies to achieve sustained reductions in the greenhouse gas emissions, as highlighted at COP28. The Center for Risk and Reliability and our students were excited to learn more about the many ways reliability engineering connects to the nuclear industry. We thank Dr. Arndt for coming back to UMD to speak at this seminar and highlight the important opportunities for engineers to make a global impact.

Published February 13, 2024