Dr. Steven Gabriel Acts as External Advisory Board Member for Sandia National Laboratories SECURE Grand Challenge

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Dr. Steven A. Gabriel has been an active external advisory board member for Sandia National Laboratory's "Grand Challenge" on Cyber Security title "SECURE" (Science & Engineering of Cyber Security for Uncertainty). This multi-year effort is geared at securing cyber systems through a combination of 

  1. Emulytics
  2. Data Analysis and Uncertainty Quantification
  3. Adversarial Stochastic Optimization

For more details see here.

Additionally, Dr. Gabriel was a panelist and contributor to an effort at the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) on R&D portfolio selection for the government. This effort was geared at understanding the best ways, both classical portfolio optimization and interactive approaches to achieve a best allocation of R&D funding on Department of Energy projects. 

Published July 22, 2020