Predicting The Future Of The Job Market: Dr. Modarres Weighs In On Nuclear Engineering Job Market Trends

When the pandemic brought the world to an halt in early 2020, Zippia - a California-based job searching platform - set out to poll experts across industries and fields on how they see the job market changing.

Zippia revolutionizes the job search process by using machine learning and data aggregation to help job seekers discover new jobs and career paths.

The study was specifically interested in:

-The long term consequences (if any) of the pandemic
-The skills the job market would more highly prioritize in each industry
-The technologies that would arise
-The parts of the country with higher job availability
-How salaries will be impacted

Dr. Modarres was one of the 3,741 experts across 23 industries who took part in this study, weighing in on current job market trends for recent graduates in the field of nuclear engineering. Dr. Modarres particularly addressed the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on graduates, good places in the United States for graduates to find work opportunities, and ways in which technology will impact the nuclear engineering field in the next 5 years.

Dr. Modarres’ perspective on the nuclear engineering job market post COVID19 can be found here.

Published June 1, 2021