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Christou, Aris

Christou, Aris

Fellow, APS
Fellow, IEEE
Materials Science and Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Maryland Energy Innovation Institute
Center for Risk and Reliability
2309A Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building


Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1971


Professor Aris Christou previously served as the Chair of the Department of Materials and Nuclear Engineering. He currently conducts research in compound semiconductor materials and process science, radiation effects in materials and devices, manufacturing science, and reliability. From 2000-2003, Dr. Christou was the Director of the NSF Center COEDIP, the Center of OptoElectronic Devices, Interconnects and Packaging. Prior to his appointments at the University of Maryland, he was a Professor of Electronic Materials at Rutgers University, and research scientist at the Naval Research Laboratory. He has authored two books and has been the editor of three others. Dr. Christou has more than 150 publications in archival journals and 14 patents (including two pending), and has organized international conferences in GaAs devices, materials and reliability. He is a Fellow of the IEEE, a Fullbright Fellow, a recipient of the DoD-Berman Publication Awards, and an IEEE Guest Lecturer. Professor Christou was the 2004 recipient of the INEER Achievement Award (International Network for Engineering Education and Research) for achievements in international education and research in engineering, as well as the recipient of the 2007 ASM International Burgess Memorial Award "For his seminal scientific contributions in the field of electronic materials, packaging and devices." Professor Christou is a member of APS, ASM, TMS and MRS, was the past President of the Federation of Materials Societies from 2004-2006, and is presently a member of the FMS Board of Trustees. Full Bio »


For a full list of honors and awards, please visit Professor Christou's web site

Radiation effects in microelectronics, radiation hard design methodologies and physics of failure of compound semiconductors in space applications. Materials degradation, radiation induced defects in metals, corrosion and high pressure induced transformations in steels and iron alloys.

  • ENES100 : Introduction to Engineering Design
  • ENES 230: Introduction to Materials and Their Applications
  • ENMA 300: Introduction to Engineering Materials (formerly ENES 230)
  • ENMA 426/ENRE 447: Reliability of Materials
  • ENMA 463: Macroprocessing of Materials in Electronic Packaging
  • ENMA 626/ENRE600 : Reliability Engineering

For a more extensive list of selected publications, please visit Proessor Christou's web site
For the entire publication list, please see Professor Christou's C.V. (PDF)

  • T.J. Anderson, K.D. Hobart, J.D. Greenlee, D.I. Shahin, A.D. Koehler, E.A. Imhoff, R.L. Myers-Ward, A. Christou, F.J. Kub, “UV and EUV Detectors Based on the Graphene/SiC Heterojunction”, Submitted to Electronic Letters, 2014.
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  • M. Linnik and A. Christou, “Calculations of optical properties for Quartenary III-V semiconductor alloys in the transparent region and above” (PDF), Physica B, 318, pp 140-161 (2002). Abstract »

Dr. Aris Christou Presents the Keynote Paper at the 2020 European Reliability Symposium

The Paper Looks at Reliability Limitations from Crystal Defects in Thick GaN Epitaxial Layers for Power Electronics

New Fall 2020 Course: ENRE 648C

Professor Aris Christou will be teaching Reliability Physics of Nanosysems (Nano-Reliability) this fall.

Offshore Wind Energy and Reliability

Clark School professors support the State of Maryland's efforts to establish a resilient wind farm.

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