Alumni Spotlight: Yu-Shu Hu CEO of Al System Benchmarking and Tuning Center Lab,  National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taiwan.

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Dr. Yushu Hu (Ph.D. ‘94, Reliability Engineering)

Dr. Yu-Shu Hu (Ph.D. ‘94, Reliability Engineering) Dr. Hu’s journey from PhD student in reliability Engineering at UMD College Park to Professor and CEO.  He is a distinguished Professor focusing his work into higher education while also consulting on various government projects.

Dr. Hu graduated from the Department of Electronic Physics at Taiwan Chiao Tung University in 1987. In 1989 he ventured to the United States to pursue his doctoral studies at UMD College Park, joining the research team of Nicole J. Kim Eminent Mohammad Modarres. His expertise in artificial intelligence, decision support, and risk analysis flourished during his time, contributing to projects like the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and NASA in developing expert and decision-making systems for nuclear power plants and aerospace.

Dr. Hu’s commitment to his homeland led him back home to Taiwan as an overseas scholar and he joined the Space Program office contributing to the development of the ROCSAT satellite series.

Dr. Hu’s career trajectory in higher education started in 1997 when he was appointed as an adjunct assistant professor at National Tsing Hua University, where he mainly taught knowledge management and systems engineering. In 2004, Dr. Hu helped establish the School of Digital Content at the Beijing of Business and Commerce University  and served as the Academic Associate Dean.

In 2000 Dr. Hu Joined DML International as CEO and a consultant on various governmental projects like, E-Government Common Operating Platform, Nuclear Power Plant Instrumentation and Control Software safety. At the same time, in the industry sector he assisted the Taiwanese semiconductor industry, including companies like TSMC and UMC, in establishing Al-based EDA platforms for Process Diagnostics and Root Cause Analyses. 

Dr. Hu’s leadership extended to multinational corporations, where he initiated transformative initiatives in information technology and internet services. Dr. Hu’s experience as CEO and Chief Strategy Officer exemplified his ability to navigate complex organizational challenges and drive innovation.

When asked to reflect on his time at UMD. Dr. Hu acknowledges the profound impact of Dr. Modarres Mentorship. The mentorship allowed him to work both in a corporate setting and on campus. This experience significantly enhanced his management skills.

Dr. Hu offered a great message to current students that Dr. Modarres gave him during his graduation “Think bigger and you can achieve”.  

As CEO of Al System Benchmark and Tuning Lab. Dr. Hu continues to push the boundaries of innovation, engaging in theoretical research and developing cutting-edge Al Solutions. His dedication to advancing technology and empowering future generations is an inspiration to others in the industry.

Published April 4, 2024