Autonomous Vehicles Workshop Summary and Presentation Slides Now Available

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Speakers and attendees of the April 26, 2019 Workshop on Risk Analysis for Autonomous Vehicles: Issues and Future Directions.

On April 26, 2019, over 50 UMD faculty, graduate students, and invited guests gathered for the Center for Risk and Reliability's Workshop on Risk Analysis for Autonomous Vehicles: Issues and Future Directions. The event was co-sponsered by the American Society for Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and Ford Motor Company. The workshop was broken into four parts: Advances in Safety and Coordination Frameworks of Connected Autonomous Vehicles; Policy, Technology and Regulatory Initiatives; Experiences and Advances in Safety of Autonomous Marine Vehicles; and Autonomous Vehicle Traffic Safety and Trajectory Planning Research.

Some of the major issues identifies by the workshop as examples of the safety improvement needs include:

  • Need to develop more case studies.
  • Building of more incentives on the part of the industry to promote, further satisfy and engage with NHTSA.
  • Development of clear top-down safety requirements.
  • Reliance on more modern safety and risk-based analysis methods and simulations.
  • Avoidance of using the old safety analysis methods practiced in the conventional level-0 and level-1 vehicle technologies, and develop new out-of-the-box safety methods.
  • Investigate and optimize the use of more redundancies in the safety equipment of driverless vehicles.
  • Develop approaches for better safety enforcement.
  • Understand, study and model of human behavior and intensions in fully autonomous vehicles.

The Summary and Presentations Slides is available for download here.

Photos from the workshop are found here

Published June 19, 2019