Mechanical Engineering Graduate Office Celebrates Student Achievements

On Friday, May 8th, the Department of Mechanical Engineering Graduate Office hosted an online event celebrating the achievements and successes of all their M.S. and Ph.D. students. Each year the office recognizes their graduate students' many outstanding accomplishments.  


Best Paper Awards        
Sara Lyon and Paul Nation

$500  Scholarship Award            
Preethi Ravula

Irwin Centennial Research Committee Travel Awards   
Jonathan Kordell, Jack (Yu-Hsiang) Yang and Artur Roman

American Society of Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) $20,000 Graduate Fellowship    
Seyed Fouad Karimian

HULKA Energy Research Fellowship for 2019-20
Kiran Raj Goud Burra

Ann Wylie Fellowship (2020)     
Kiran Raj Goud Burra

Best Poster Award in Component-Level Thermal Management Track    
Sevket Umut Yuruker

Best Student Presenter Awards
Gargi Kailkhura and Sai Vathsavai

Engie Chuck Edwards Memorial Fellowship       
James Tancabel 

Best Student Presentation Award          
Ellery Klein

Graduate Student Summer Research Fellowship            
Han Zhou

Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) 2019 Best Community Service     
Devashis Shrestha (President of Student Chapter)

University of Maryland Three-Minute Thesis Competition Award           
Star (Byeol) Kim

Outstanding Research Assistance Award/Clark School Future Faculty Fellow              
Harnoor Singh Sachar

Clark School Future Faculty Fellow/GSG Outstanding Representative Award/Kulkarni Fellowship/Goldhar Travel Award         
Guarav Kumar

Summer Research Fellowship   
David Catalini

First Prize for Artistic Merit – 2019 Combustion Art Competition
Sriram Bharath Hariharan

Authored Papers
Turash Haque Pial

T. H. Pial, Y. Wang, and S. Das, “Non-Monotonic Dependence of Fluid Dissipation on Fluid Density in Fluid-Coupled Nanoresonators.” Applied Physics Letters, 115, 251601 (2019).                                                                   

H. S. Sachar, T. H. Pial, P. R. Desai, S. A. Etha, Y. Wang, P. W. Chung, and S. Das, “Densely Grafted Polyelectrolyte Brushes Trigger “Water-in-Salt” like Scenarios and Ultraconfinement Effect.” Matter, 2020.

University of Maryland Three-Minute Thesis Competition Finalist
Austin Lewis

Lewis, Austin & Groth, Katrina. (2020). A Dynamic Bayesian Network Structure for Joint Diagnostics and Prognostics of Complex Engineering Systems Algorithms. 13. 64. 10.3390/a13030064.      

CEEE Best Student Consortium Presentation Award
Fabio Battaglia

Ann G. Wylie Dissertation Fellowship Award Graduate School’s Outstanding Research Assistant Award Azin Mousavi

Congratulations to all of this year’s graduates!

“We know students who are graduating this semester are facing special challenges, but you are not alone, it’s a worldwide problem and we are all here to help work through this together with you,” said Professor Abhijit Dasgupta, director of graduate studies. “We are all in this together for the long haul. Which means a lot of sustained hard work, teamwork, dedication, collaboration. All of us together.”

Published May 20, 2020