ENRE Students attend American Nuclear Society Young Professionals Congress

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Panel on Nuclear Technology and Applications in Foreign and Domestic Markets at ANS YPC 2019.

ENRE Ph.D. students Vincent "Vinnie" Paglioni and Austin Lewis represented the SyRRA Lab and the CRR at the Young Professionals Congress in November, where they met with other young professionals in the nuclear industry for a day of networking and education. They were trated to panels about the future of the American Nuclear Society, building strategies for engaging the public and navigating the workplace, nuclear science and applications for emerging markets (i.e. beyond macro-grid energy markets) and energy market economics.

They also attended informational sessions about the use of "Big Data" in optimizing nuclear reactor operations, how to engage policy-makers as young professionals, and the importance of handling "crucial conversations" in the workplace. Vinnie and Austin discussed their own work in the ENRE program with representatives from the ANS Professional Divisions on Human Factors, Instrumentation and Controls (HFI&C) and Mathematics and Computation, and learned about similar research efforts underway at universities and labs around the country. 

Published December 12, 2019